Goodbye Silicon and Copper, Hello Future


Carbon is the element that launched the Industrial revolution when US Steel took Iron and added the prominent element to the surface.  It's by-product, CO2, is the primary source of global warming; estimated 80% of GHG.  

Paradoxically, it is our greatest friend and enemy.

TMM creates Carbon Black, Nanofibers, and Nanotubes with Responsible Methods.

Carbon Nanotubes are the most durable solid material known to man.  They are typically 10,000 times thinner than a human hair.  They also exhibit unusual qualities, such as semi-conducting and metal attributes.  Multi-walled and Single-walled are the two types used in Industry.  The primary application is for strength enhancement in polymers, cement, rubber, and sports equipment.  Current new products include high-efficiency batteries, supercapacitors, thin-films, EMI-shielding coating, conductive paint, microprocessing, and optics.

Carbon Black is the filler material in all tires, seals, and most rubber products.